is a website dedicated to fun and facts about the deep sea. You can find a prototype of a racing game  that you can play and stories about the species, phenomenon and environment that you experience in the game. This website is part of the Ph.D. project of Nina Svane-Mikkelsen (more information)  – made for and in collaboration with MAR-ECO.

The project is supported by Bergen Museum, Lauritz Meltzers Høyskolefond and MAR-ECO/CoML.

Conditions for use of MARA and MAR-ECO images

The images and footage provided to you at this webpage as a courtesy by MAR-ECO and MARA were produced by project participants (and their institutions). These retain ownership, and user right are granted to external users on the following conditions:

  • Whenever an image or modified image  is used for public presentation in media or elsewhere, the photographer and the MAR-ECO project should be credited (Photo: MAR-ECO/photographer or MARA/photographer or illustrator). And we would appreciate a notification to Nina.Svane(at)
  • Images may not be used for commercial purposes or be passed on to third parties without the written consent of the person or institution having ownership rights. Find the photographers adress at the MAR-ECO website or see contact details here. In the case of MARA illustrations contact Nina Svane-Mikkelsen at Nina.Svane(at)