What natural science says about marine snow and access of food in the deep sea.

The vast seascape in the deep is to a large extend desert-like – with a scarcity of food. Except from the marine snow flowing in the water, falling slowly down through the water column. Marine snow is a shower of organic material falling from upper waters to the deep ocean. As plants and animals near the surface of the ocean die and decay, they fall toward the sea floor, just like leaves and decaying material fall onto a forest floor. In addition to dead animals and plants, marine snow also includes fecal matter, sand, soot, and other inorganic dust. The decaying material is referred to as “marine snow” because it looks a little bit like white fluffy bits.  The “snowflakes” grow as they fall, some reaching several centimeters in diameter. Some flakes fall for weeks before finally reaching the ocean floor. (Source:

This continuous rain of marine snow provides food for many deep-sea creatures. Many animals in the dark parts of the ocean filter marine snow from the water or scavenge it from the seabed.

MAR-ECO researchers writing about marine snow in their diary

MAR-ECO movie showing marine snow