What natural science says about Pyrosomes.

This long tube-shaped organism is actually a colony of many tiny organisms. You can say either Pyrosomes or Pyrosoma because this organism is both one and many. As single organisms they are small primitive marine animals with sack-like bodies. Colonies range in size from under one centimetre to several meters in length and the hollow tube in the centre serves as a common gut tube from which all the members of the colony filter food particles. The name Pyrosoma, comes from Greek. Pyro means fire and soma means body. This is because Pyrosomes are bioluminescent; they produce light with a bright blue and green glow. It is said that pyrosoma colonies can reach a size where you can actually swim through the central tube – at least if you are a little fish. So when playing the MARA game you have to swim through several pyrosomes along the way in order to receive extra energy and finish successfully. Pyrosome colony Photo: David Shale ©. Pyrosomes, the single organisms. Photo: David Shale © . The surface of pyrosoma colony. Photo: David More about pyrosomes from MAR-ECO: The story of when MAR-ECO researchers found pyrosomes

The surface of a pyrosome colony